Building Team Trust Online Course

For collaboration and engagement

Trust is essential to high performing teams. Yet:

  • What is trust?
  • How do you create the right environment to build trust on your team?

This course is designed to help any person who works on a team to help the team become high performing by creating more trust within critical team functions. The course runs 53 minutes and has 6 chapters.

Short Tutorial - Sue Introduces the Course

Possible Uses

This is an ideal course for you to use to coach a team to high performance. You get a discount for multiple enrollments. Consider running weekly sessions with a team assigning one chapter as Pre-work. Then use the suggested questions in the Facilitator Guide to lead a group towards action planning in each of the five behaviors. Consider running The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team Profile first to get data on how they are doing. After you facilitate that program, use this course as a follow-up to reinforce action steps. The content is this course is completely different than what is in the Five Behaviors Facilitation so it’s an excellent partner program. You can also use this program as a follow-up to your organization’s Engagement Survey. Most Engagement surveys assume that trust is the most important factor in building a highly engaged workforce. Engagement and trust starts with one leader at a time. This course will give you the specifics on how to build trust.

Pricing & Enrollment

Single Enrollment - To enroll yourself, click on the "Enroll" button. You will be directed to the eLearning course site where you will provide your payment information and begin the course.

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NOTE: Enroll 5 or more participants and receive a free Facilitation Guide.

To put a team through the course, you purchase from us the number of enrollments you need for the team. You'll receive an email from us, within 24 hours, with a coupon code for that group. Individuals then enroll themselves using the coupon code. They can take the course at their own pace and it is available to them for 90 days after enrollment. Participants have to submit an email address and create a password to enroll. That way they can return to wherever they left off.

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Watch Both eLearning Courses For $60 - You have the opportunity to watch the Leading Virtual Teams & Leading Virtual Teams eLearning courses for $60 ($38 savings). Click the enroll button and you will see this option on the course site.

Facilitation Guide

The Facilitation Guide has the same content as the handout that is included with the eLearning course as well as suggested facilitation questions and discussion points. In addition, an access code with be sent separately that will allow you to take the TKI Profile and Everything DiSC Profile that are suggested Next Steps. If you enroll 5 or more participants in the eLearning course, you will receive the Facilitation Guide for free. It will be emailed after the enrollment order is completed.

Price: $99. Enroll 5 or more participants and receive a free Facilitation Guide.

Before purchasing, you must agree that you will use the Guide ONLY with the eLearning course.