Five behaviors personal development

How can I be a better team member?

How do you do team development with cross-functional teams, networked teams or teams that constantly change membership? A new product (Five Behaviors Personal Development) and half-day training module gives you the tools to help everyone become a better team member. Essentially each person takes a look at how they approach the Five Behaviors and reviews specific suggestions on how they can become a better team member. This is really good for one-on-one coaching or for team coaching when a full Five Behaviors Team Profile isn’t a fit or they are not all available. 

Here Are The goals:

  • Participants will learn a specific model of team development—The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team. This creates a common language for the entire organization. This program does an especially good job of connecting the dots of why the Five Behaviors are so important.
  • Even though the model is about teams, the focus of this training is on the individual. Participants’ profiles have been tailored, based on assessment responses, to provide a very personalized take on how they approach each of the Five Behaviors.
  • Participants will get specific suggestions to become a better teammate on any team.

Best Uses:

  • Coaching individuals one-on- one
  • On-boarding new team members
  • Workshops on creating the culture of high functioning teams one person at a time
  • Follow-up or prequel to a Five Behaviors Team workshop

More On The Facilitation Kit

  • The half-day training is available in the Facilitation Kit. It has great video, activities, a Facilitator Guide and online resources.
  • If you use it to coach individuals, the report would be sufficient. If you like to use video for coaching, the Facilitation Kit has great video of Patrick Lencioni explaining the behaviors.


The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive personal development Profile

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