The Thin Book of Smart People Skills

8 Tools for the Savvy Leader

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By Katina Cremona

Written by a coach with over 23 years of experience The Thin Book of® Smart People Skills is a ‘coach in a book.’ Katina has culled her thousands of hours of coaching into 8 tools to address the most common areas that savvy leaders excel in.

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The tools are:

  • Understand How You Think

  • Build Relationships

  • Focus on Process

  • Recognize and Acknowledge Emotions

  • Prepare for Conversations

  • Ask Don’t Tell

  • Explore Before Problem Solving

  • Foster a Performance Feedback Culture

Each chapter includes simple and practical tips that can be applied immediately including up-to-date tips on managing upward, working in both virtual teams and cross-cultural teams. By consolidating these tools in one place, with real-life scenarios, and examples of 'how to say it’, the book is a valuable reference for knowledge workers, project managers and newer managers.

The Thin Book of Smart People Skills also would make a good introduction to a leadership workshop. Early readers felt it was a great resource for newer managers. Other readers thought it was a wonderful review for experienced leaders. As Katina puts it, "This book offers you succinct and useful tactics that will provide results toward your strategic goals. Applied consistently, these people skills will help you improve relationships and performance."

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About The Author

Katina Cremona is a managing Partner of People Savvy Consulting and has over twenty years experience working in organisations as a corporate psychologist, organisational consultant and executive coach. Before working in the business world, Katina was employed for several years as a psychologist in various clinical settings before co-establishing and managing a psychotherapy centre where she also practised as a psychotherapist. Having had the privilege of engaging with a vast number of diverse individuals, teams and organisations - from senior executives to prison officers and fire-fighters - Katina has maintained a life-long passion for working with people to create change in their professional and personal lives.

Katina has extensive experience working with senior leaders of global corporations across a broad range of industries including Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, Financial Services, Professional Services and Health; and in designing and facilitating leadership, cultural change, and executive team development programs. She works as a consultant and coach on several leadership programs at the business schools: IMD, Lausanne, and INSEAD, Fontainbleu.

She has a strong interest in working with executive teams, leading coaching programs, and in applying psychology to leadership and organisations in pragmatic ways. Katina is an associate faculty member of the Academy of Executive Coaching (AOEC) which is based in London and has published several articles in coaching and business journals.

Katina’s educational background includes qualifications in psychology, somatic (body-oriented) psychotherapy; post-graduate trainings in business, coaching, group and organisational dynamics, Voice Dialogue, and EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques); and accreditations in various psychometric and leadership tools. Her first career was teaching business subjects in secondary schools and she also trained and worked as an actor. She has a Masters in executive coaching (Middlesex University and i-coach academy), is a registered psychologist and member of the Australian Psychological Society, and the British Psychological Society.

Katina can be contacted at

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