The Thin Book of SOAR

creating strategy that inspires innovation and engagement


By Jacqueline M. Stavros & Gina Hinrichs

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Strategy is everybody's job - SOAR is the acronym of a strategic planning process based on discovering and multiplying what the organization does well. The 2nd Edition of The Thin Book of® SOAR uses the Appreciative Inquiry philosophy to provide a strategic thinking and dialogue process for all levels of an organization.

The new 2nd Edition includes:

  • Insight on how to use SOAR at different organizational levels, from large divisions to individual coaching

  • Two copies of the updated, pull-out SOAR Reference Card

  • Updated case studies, practical tools and methods


“In this second edition, Jackie and Gina share even more applications of SOAR in an accessible way, illustrated with new stories about how SOAR has been used at all levels, from individual to the collective. Whether you are new to SOAR or a seasoned practitioner, this new edition o ers something for you!” – Lindsey Godwin, Executive Director of David L. Cooperrider Center for Appreciative Inquiry

“SOAR has proven to be a core aspect of how we work with our clients like BMW, Clarke, Covia, Facebook, and TEDx. We use SOAR in our Leading with Experiential Appreciative Facilitation (LEAF) certifi cation program with entrepreneurs, executives, coaches, and consultants. This is possible because Jackie and Gina have made this simple, ground-breaking approach, readily accessible in the Thin Book of SOAR!” – Jon Berghoff, President and Co-Founder of The Flourishing Leadership Institute (FLI)

“After 20 years of doing strategic planning and turnaround management, this book profoundly changed how I approach these situations. SOAR approach guides us to cultivate our key strengths and create opportunities to improve performance. I highly recommend this book to anybody involved in strategy.” – Andreas Reger, General Manager North America, ALPLA Company

“I have used SOAR for many years and successfully developed strategies and cohesive teams that achieved positive results. The addition of Chapter 6 is fantastic and brings new insights on how to use SOAR at all levels especially in coaching. This is timely given the anxiety employees have today with unprecedented changes in public and private organizations. SOAR brings people together to be part of the change! – Dr. Jennifer Hitchcock, Executive Director, U.S. Army Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center

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About The Authors

Jacqueline (Jackie) Stavros, DM ( is Professor at Lawrence Technological University’s College of Business and IT. She works with organizations in leadership development, team-building, and strategic planning. She is recognized for her creation of SOAR , ( She works with organizations in leadership development, team-building, and strategic planning. She has worked across all sectors: for-profit, non-profit, government, and a wide spectrum of industries. She has presented her research and work in over 25 countries using AI and SOAR to enrich the lives of thousands of people and improve their organizations capacity to thrive and flourish. She has co-authored books, book chapters, and articles in AI, SOAR, and organization development. Her other recent book is Conversations Worth Having: Using Appreciative Inquiry to Fuel Productive and Meaningful Engagement.

Gina Hinrichs, Ph.D (ghinrichs517@gmail) has consulted for more than twenty years with a rangeof organizations from companies with $20 billion in sales to education and social profit organizations. Currently, she works as a CARA consultant as an Organization Change Management (OCM) Project Lead.

Gina has written, co-authored and edited several book chapters and articles. She has a BA, BS, MBA, MOB, and a PhD in Organization Development. Gina is an adjunct professor of Strategy and Organization Development courses for several universities.

Book Facts

  • Paperback: 72 pages
  • ISBN: 9780988953840
  • 2nd Edition, 2019
  • Also available as an ebook: Amazon Kindle

SOAR Reference Cards

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Extra Thin Book of SOAR Pull-Out Cards

The SOAR Reference Cards, is a 20-pack of the updated, 2-sided, pull-out card in the new 2nd Edition of The Thin Book of® SOAR. This card is a handy reminder of the "5-I Approach" and sample questions that are referred to in the book. You'll it helpful in conducting your next SOAR. The cards are 9" x 6" and are UV coated.

If your budget doesn't allow for a purchase of the SOAR book for everyone, give everyone this card instead.